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Morning Greeting Choices For Special Education

Morning Greeting Choices For Special Education

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Morning greeting Visual Supports / Posters / Flash Cards and Poster.

This is a DIGITAL PDF PRODUCT. The Product will be provided to you by email immediately after purchase to the email you provide.

The Morning Greeting 51 page Resource pack encourages students to make choices about how they would like to be greeted and say good morning. For non-verbal students, this resource creates multiple opportunities to for choice and expression through gesture and movement.


The resources contains 51 pages of an array of 8 morning greeting choices. Each choice is included in circle and rectangle form in a poster, flashcards, choice visuals, large wall, available in colour background and in white background.


Greetings included in this resource are:



-Wave with two hands

-Elbow Bump

-Foot Bump


-Air Hug

- Bow

-Hip Bump


The Morning Greeting Visuals can be placed outside the classroom door, on a display wall in the class room and the small visual supports can be attached to a key chain and used as a portable resource.


Print, cut and laminate. Attach to your chosen surface with an appropriate adhesive.