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Safe Unsafe Task Cards For Autism Special Education

Safe Unsafe Task Cards For Autism Special Education

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Updated- This listing is for 72 “Safe & Unsafe” Task Cards. The task cards are an excellent activity to teach students to develop understanding of “safe & unsafe” choices.


The visual nature of the task cards encourages the student to think about what each behavior depicted may mean and whether it falls in to a "safe or unsafe” behavior choice category.


Each task card provides the opportunity for further discussion about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.


The resource is suitable for independent or group work.



A total of 72 Task Cards are included

It will give students a visual opportunity to see what the behaviors look like that are included on the task card and then offer them the opportunity to choose whether the behavior they can see is safe or unsafe and ask the question why?

Why choosing a safe behavior is more important than a unsafe behavior.


Print, cut and laminate each task card. Use a counter/peg or dry erase marker. Encourage your student to “mark” using a dry erase marker/ peg or counter which “choice” displayed (Safe or Unsafe Choice) on the task card and then discuss.


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